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Is your business ready for a new sales approach?

We are waking up to a new reality. The coronavirus pandemic has transformed our businesses in many ways, impacting how we work, where we work and who we interface with. And this will not be a short-term impact. The WHO is expecting this virus to be with us some time while we build up herd immunity and search for a vaccine. Our very society has been altered dramatically as we take on the new lessons of social distancing and eschewing physical contact.

Clearly the very nature of sales has been turned on its head and we must now reassess how best to communicate our message, engage with opportunities and manage our important relationships. Selling in this new era of disconnection will require new skills, new approaches and new content. We can expect our customers will be cautious and no longer open to in-person meetings.

Field sales teams will now have to engage indirectly with customers and opportunities. Where before, we found opportunity and candour by looking our customers in the eye, finding their pain points, reading their body language and closing the deal with a firm handshake, we now have to find the skills necessary to accomplish the same results but over telephone calls, webinars and video calls.

The new model for sales is likely to be remote inside sales teams, increasingly working from their home offices. Not only will in-person engagements be off limits, but inside sales teams will themselves need to maintain increased social distancing. Call centre teams will be dispersed. In fact, a good home office will be a necessity for the future – not just a convenience or a luxury.

As you consider the impact the pandemic has on your sales team and on your customers, you should maybe ask if the team has the skills they need to maintain and grow the business. InsideOut Sales and Services Ltd. provides a range of training and consulting capabilities to help prepare your team for this new era. Our team has broad experience leading, teaching and equipping sales teams for success and is ready to provide help and guidance to retool your team for a new approach to selling.

InsideOut provides the following training and consulting offerings:

· Adapting your selling cycle to a new era

· Listening skills

· Creating engaging webinars

· Home office technology revamp

· Professional Video calling

· Managing the sale from first engagement

· CRM Tools – Selecting, Activating and Utilizing

· Managing a remote sales force - Keeping a team effective and engaged

While the pandemic has resulted in a profound impact to our economy, we will recover and indeed many businesses will thrive. But in order to thrive we must adapt. And for sales teams this means being awake to the new reality, recognising where skill gaps exist and working rapidly to fill them. InsideOut Sales is here to help you accomplish this transformation.

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