Transitioning from Founder Selling

Sales Transformation

Innovation drives business but every entrepreneur recognizes the critical growth point in their business when they need to transition from Founder Selling to a strategic sales team.  As the technical innovator you may be highly effective at selling your solution in the market, but the business cannot scale if it is built around one person.  When the time is right InsideOut can help you expand beyond founders selling in a low risk, incremental way, adding sales capacity as required and allowing you to focus on other areas of the business that need your expert attention.

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Market Development

Grow your business

Business typically starts out local.  The people and places you know, the familiar.  But if a business is to grow it needs to reach out to new markets.  These could be new regions, new countries or new verticals.  It could also be new channels to market, leveraging strategic partnerships to rapidly multiply your market access.  InsideOut can help you define and implement growth strategies.  We can provide the sales teams working on your behalf to identify prospects and chase down opportunities.  Whether you are a US company looking to break into the European market or an SME looking for routes to expansion, talk to us and let's explore the potential.

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